International Quilt Festival, here I come!

I’m very excited about going to the International Quilt Festival in a few weeks!  I sent my youngest daughter, Bethany, to pick up the tickets at Lone Star Quilting in Bryan.  Stay tuned for updates from the show!



Nonni’s Patches- the beginning

The beginning of Nonni’s Patches isn’t as easy to pin-point as you’d think it’d be.  I have always been the ‘go to fix it sewer’ in the family, hemming pants, fixing buttons, making curtains for a new house, throwing together a baby blanket for the latest shower.   I’ve always loved sewing, so with retirement approaching, I decided to make it a side business.

My daughters explained that meant getting a website and a Facebook page, so here it is.

Naming my pet-project came easy; my grandchildren call me Nonni (their own version of the Italian word for grandmother ‘Nona’).  And I was/am constantly getting asked “Nonni, I need a new quilt” “Nonni, fix my dress” “Nonni, teach me how to sew”.  And this endeavor really started with making baby quilts, so a quilt from Nonni seemed the only appropriate name.  And of course, no quilt from Nonni comes without lots of love, which brings us to my business name: Nonni’s Patches of Love.

Stay tuned for updated projects, quilting news, etc.  My hope is that others enjoy my patches of love as much as I enjoy making them.