My Beautiful Nieces: family photographer

Pictures of my beautiful granddaughters. This post isn’t about quilting, but you can’t hold it against me for being a proud Noni!

Eleven Simple Love

I’ve known the subjects of this photo shoot for their entire lives.  I changed their diapers, bathed them, blamed any mess possible on them, and spent every major life moment with them that I can think of.  They are my gorgeous nieces Jaci and Reagan.  I loved this shoot, because it was basically an afternoon hanging out with them doing what they always do: picking on each other, loving on each other, getting cute and taking pictures (only this time it was with a nice camera instead of a cell phone).

I love them more than I can express.  So it’s fitting that we start with their LOVE picture (the girls’ idea).  Enjoy!

Photography details:

Location: wooded area- it made for beautiful pictures, but was a bit difficult because of shadows.

Props: old quilt

Shooting: Aperture priority / F 3.5 (mainly)

Prep: Longer than you think……

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