The man behind the blanket

Bethany here; I decided to write this post to give my dad a little credit for putting up with a crazy quilting wifey.  Mom and Dad have been married for over 28 years and somehow still manage to laugh at with each other.  Pausing ESPN to hold up a blanket for a picture wasn’t specifically outlined in their wedding vows, but Dad takes his role in stride.

It’s a selfless role, but hey… not everyone can be the star.  Below are a series of pictures of my father fulfilling his “silent partnership” with Nonni’s Patches.  He loves the show Home Improvement… so all these pictures make me think of the neighbor Wilson.  He always leaves you wondering what he really looks like..

This is a baby quilt, so it doesn’t cover up everything…

Check out those knees….

I almost didn’t include this, but then upon second inspection I noticed Dad’s toe under the 2nd t-shirt on the bottom row (and mom wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t include pictures of quilts she sent me to post on her page).

Ok, I’m not good with surprises, so I had to include a real picture.

This is my Dad, since I can remember he has been doing whatever mom needed him to do- from bringing her Sonic to vacuuming to holding up blankets for pictures.  He’s the best man I know, and I thought he deserved his moment in the sun… even if its just a blog post.  Love you Dad!

-Bethany Bowen Womack  (Nonni’s youngest daughter, aka Nonni’s Patches Marketing VP, aka baby)


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